I am not a calm person – learnings from COVID lockdown

I am not a calm person. I would be described more as a passionate person. I have lots of ideas and care deeply about things and people. However, in recent weeks, I have learnt that the ability to be calm is indeed a super power. The calmest person in the room commands the room.

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What is a Brand Strategy?

This term – ‘Brand Strategy’ can sometime confuse people. ‘Isn’t my brand my logo? What’s so strategic about that?’. Well I thought you’d never ask… Here’s my thoughts on both the idea of branding and of... read more

The heart behind your brand

Personal values are a foundation for the internal aspects of your brand – they should be a driving force behind the reason you started your business, how you run it, and what makes it special.

While a logo is the most obvious representation of a brand, it’s only one of many. Brands are portrayed in colours, words, sounds, smells, and how you make people feel.  That’s because a brand is intangible. Its about all the interactions,  attributes and values which present themselves in tangible ways.

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