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I deeply believe in the power of business, it’s a core part of what makes a thriving, resilient and dynamic local community. I also believe in its ability to inspire creativity, innovation and as a vehicle for creating social and environmental good.

But even the best ideas can’t take off if no one knows about them, or worse, don’t understand them. Brands are what bring a business or organisation to life. A strong brand can inspire, change perceptions, and connect the right people to help it grow and achieve its purpose. 

If your brand doesn’t really reflect you who are and where you’re headed, I’m here to help. 

I’m Kristi McKenzie


As a storyteller, designer and thinker, I approach everything with creative imagination and an analytical knack for bringing clarity and direction.

I started McKenzie & Co. after years working for global brands in design and marketing. I have always loved hearing people’s stories and passions and helping them to communicate them in whatever form is required. While this ultimately takes the form of written content and visual design, it’s the process of uncovering the right story and how to express it that makes a great brand.

I’ve been immersed in innovation since I was a child, growing up playing with computers and colour printers my dad brought home from his textile design software company. I learnt design thinking and agile methodology while working in tech, and have moved this approach into marketing and branding. It’s a natural approach for me – I’m curious, I ask questions, I want to understand the problem, and explore possible solutions. I notice things, I listen carefully, and I have decades worth of experience and skill as a graphic designer.

While great ideas are universal, the ability to create a strong brand and bring it to life is not. This is why I am committed to helping great founders and leaders with their brand strategy and design. Together we unearth old stories and weave new ones to create brands that can live up to their calling.

My Approach

I work alongside you and your team to listen, empathise, research, evaluate and discover insights.

Strategy is co-created to ensure unity and shared understanding. My approach is founded in Design Thinking and leverages agile methodology, narrative exploration and co-creation. 

I am creative, flexible, innovative and agile. I’m equally at home working with small businesses or global brands. A graphic design turned marketing strategist I know how to think big, be practical and get my hands dirty bringing ideas to life.

The outcome is a brand that truly reflects the heart and purpose of your organization and connects with ideal customers and partners to achieve your goals.

My values

Regenerative business

Business that brings life through generation of income and regeneration of land, people and community. 

Trusting relationships

We do our best work when we are known to each other, we share stories and
are mutually committed to openness, trust and grace.


One of my favourite words. The art of dreaming up what might be.


A full life is lived when you can embrace all aspects of it. To be real, and invite others to be also. Our stories are not all highlight reels, we need to cultivate courage, compassion, gratitude and love.

Savvy strategy

You need more than imagination, you also need curiosity, problem solving and grit. Asking the right questions leads to better outcomes.

Why the eagle?

Eagles have a personal significance to me.

They rise above to see the bigger picture, while taking in all the beautiful details. They have the perspective to see how things relate, and notice things that others don’t. Eagles are also incredible nurturers; they protect and raise their fledglings to be the strong and fearless creatures they were born to be. 


Enough about me,
let’s hear about you.

Thanks for your interest in my work.
If you think we’d be a good fit, I’d love to chat and find out more.