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My insights

Sometimes a spark of inspiration hits me and I try to capture it in words. It’s usually based on what I’m reading, a conversation I’ve had with clients, friends or something that has inspired me.

Hopefully you’ll find some information or inspiration here too.

Why do I need a brand strategy?

Where does Brand Strategy fit in?

Brand strategy provides the foundations for all brand and marketing activities. It defines the audience, key messages and the style and personality that makes your business or organisation distinct. It is also an expression of your culture, and your values so this needs to be defined as well.

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I am not a calm person

I am not a calm person. I would be described more as a passionate person. I have lots of ideas and care deeply about things and people. However, in recent weeks, I have learnt that the ability to be calm is indeed a super power. The calmest person in the room commands the room.

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Design beyond graphics.

Design thinking is for everyone.
Creativity, imagination and empathy have not always been seen as core skills for business. But now more than ever, the power of design thinking is leading the way for solving human problems in a human way.

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What is a brand strategy?

This term – ‘Brand Strategy’ can sometime confuse people. ‘Isn’t my brand my logo? What’s so strategic about that?’. Well I thought you’d never ask… Here’s my thoughts on both the idea of branding

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The heart behind your brand

Personal values are a foundation for the internal aspects of your brand – they should be a driving force behind the reason you started your business, how you run it, and what makes it special.

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