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Brand Strategy & Design

I have an unusual mix of being both a creative brand designer and strategist. Which means, for small business, you are getting the whole shebang, usually reserved for big budgets.


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Can you clearly express who you are, why you exist and your unique value to the people and systems you work within? Need some help?

Brand Strategy is a process of ensuring you have a clear picture of the market, your audience and how to position and message your brand to support your business goals. It’s about uncovering the insights behind your brand, and knowing how to share your story for maximum impact. Brand Strategy helps you to:


  • Be clear and confident in why you exist, who you serve and what makes you unique
  • Know the playing field you are in and where you best play
  • Easily articulate key messages and brief others for brand consistency
  • Helps you find your people – attract the right partners, customers, team
  • Creates a shared understanding of the brand you want to deliver 

BRAND design

First impressions count. Bring your true brand to life through an authentic visual identity that you can be proud of.

As a graphic designer, I take the findings from the brand strategy to create a visual identity that is a true expression of your business and appeals to the ideal audience.

The end result is a complete brand style guide including logo, font styles, colours and imagery. It will extend the brand from just a logo to a professional and effective communication of your brand and all it represents.


  • Rebrand – for when you’ve outgrown your brand identity
  • Brand Refresh – for when you just need a freshen up or extension of current
  • New brand design – for a new business or new product, service or initiative
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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategies are co-created through a series of workshops, market and customer research and insight generation to create:


  • Brand story and purpose
  • Audience research, Persona creation
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Market Position
  • Brand Personality & Tone of Voice
  • Recommendations on Brand Identity Design

This is all delivered in a Brand Book as an easy reference guide for key messages and style guide. This ensures that there is shared understanding of the brand for marketing suppliers, employees and new hires.

Not sure why you need a Brand Strategy? (link to blog)


1 Exploring

This is where we explore the world in which your brand lives. It’s about capturing insights and inspiration to help us to develop the brand. We refer to the overall business strategy and vision and look for opportunities.


2 Brand Thinking

Once we have all the insights, we being clarifying and defining your brand and story. Using empathy to view the world as your audience does and using design thinking to capture the magic.


3 Brand Making

With the insights and design thinking we can now create the tangible assets that make up your brand. The brand takes shape with a look and feel, a voice and a consistent personality.


4 Brand Activating

This is where you will take the brand strategy and develop the marketing and communications plans to reach and engage audiences, grow your reputation and catalyse your impact.

Based on Brand the Change, Anne Miltenburg 2017

Brand Design


case study

“Kristi’s exceptional ability to listen, understand, research and create has resulted in a brand that we are deeply proud of and have a greater understanding of.