About me

As a storyteller, designer and thinker, I approach everything with creative imagination and an analytical knack for bringing clarity and direction.

You have a story to tell and something to offer the world. The trick is getting enough perspective and time to build a brand that truly reflects this story and resonates with your audience. This is where I come in.

With a Bachelor of Graphic design and 8 years in marketing management I love helping businesses to communicate their brand stories and see real customer growth and unity in their team. Having worked in design & marketing agencies and also client side from education, telecommunications, textiles and software I have a broad range of industry experiences and business perspective.

A bit more if you’re really interested…

I was first a graphic designer, something I wanted to do since I was about 12. I transitioned into marketing when I realized that I really cared most about the purpose and outcomes of the design. I also cringed when designers were told to “make it look pretty”. Design is a powerful vehicle to connect and communicate.

I love small business. If there’s a new restaurant in town, (especially if there’s no one in there), I’m there in a heartbeat. I love the passion and drive people have to create and grow businesses. I’m particularly inspired by social enterprise and organisations that seek to make a positive difference in the world.

I guess that’s why I’m stoked with what I do. Combining my design and marketing skills I work with business owners to unlock the potential of their brand and grow their business.


What else do I do?

In another life I was a ski instructor in Canada. Still my most favourite thing to do in the world. I’ll also settle for a stand up paddle on the Bay or splashing around with my crazy dog and family. I’m also a coffee snob, comes with the territory.

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